7 Summits Poker Ride September 4 2016

What a epic day!!! what to spend it with a 100 friends ??  join us for the best IMBA epic ride fun time ever!!!! but leave the couch surfers at home, this is no walk in the park,  Also leave your tight race kit and blazing speed at home because this is for fun, best card hand wins ..not how fast you are.

costumes are encouraged ,competitiveness not well maybe bring your poker face!


Seven Summits Poker Ride Need to Know

Start time at the Nancy Greene Summit trailhead is 8am-10am.  If you are a fast rider please be inclined to let the slow riders start first. ( I realize that this puts you behind a slower rider but you will likely catch them on the first climb……..)  This is an attempt to avoid the bottleneck at the trailhead and first card station, as well as condense the post event gathering arrivals.  On that note, the post event gathering will again happen at the Lion’s Campground however we will be starting it later, at 2:30 pm.  If you finish early, please feel free to go have a shower and get your party shoes on.


New Meeting Spot for Shuttle:  This year the shuttle pickup will be at the Rossland Mining Museum, located on the West end of town at the intersection of Hwy 3B and 22.  This is across from the Esso Station and near the Lion’s Campground.


To Register:

You must call Revolution Cycles   (250) 362-5688 Do it now! there is a limited number of spots. You will need a credit card number to reserve your spot.

Cost for spot and all the fun $55 cash for if you don’t have Kootenay Columbia trail Society membership

If you already have a membership to the Kootenay Columbia trail Society cost is $45 cash

What you registration fee pays for is your shuttle ride to the start, and a shuttle ride back in to town thanks to Mountain Shuttle. Snacks on Granite Mtn (Thanks to Patrick Kinghorn and Mtn Nugget Chocolate) Mechanic assistance at Granite MTN. And beers and Burgers at Lion campground, and a sweet T-Shirt! and good time and maybe prizes if you are lucky!


The Regular Stuff:

The Poker Ride will start at the Nancy Greene Summit (a.k.a. Strawberry Pass) which is located 22 km north of Rossland on Hwy. 3B. ( If coming from the North, it’s about 10 min south of Nancy Greene Lake and the junction of Hwy 3 and 3B.)


Shuttles are generously provided by Mountain Shuttle (250-231-4305) and will start at 7:30. There is also parking at the summit, however there will be no afternoon shuttles back to this location.  If you are able to get a friend to drive you to the summit in the morning then you are encouraged to do so.   There are no toilets at the summit (so get up, early and take care of business before you get up there if possible ;)


All riders must sign in at this point to get their ride package and sign a wavier before starting the ride.  Registration starts at 7:30.  You may begin the ride between 8:00 and 10:00 in the morning.  Not before and not after.  If your spaces have been reserved by credit card, you are reminded to please bring cash to pay for your entry at this point.


The ride is long, strenuous and takes you in to remote alpine terrain. Please be prepared for the journey as you are expected to be self-sufficient. All riders must have sufficient clothing for inclement weather (snowed out in 2009…), water (min. 2 L per rider unless you are a camel), a good supply of food, sun protection, spare tubes, pumps tools etc.   You are also required to ensure that your bike is in proper mechanical order before you begin.


There will be a food and water station half way through the ride at Granite Mtn. There will also be mechanical assistance at this point courtesy of Revolution.  The food station should be regarded as ‘bonus bites’ and not the only sustenance on which to count on to get you through the whole ride.


Please be aware of the high fire hazard, anyone discharging fireworks or being careless with other forms of combustion will be disqualified.


Once starting the ride you will be assembling 2 poker hands card by card through out the ride at 7 different card stations. The card for the first hand is a gimme, what you have to do for the second hand is entirely at the discretion of the esteemed volunteers at each station…..  play along, they won’t bite.   There will also be random prizes chosen by the dealers for things like best costume,  best joke, heaviest bike etc……..


The Glory Wild card.  If you can prove, by way of digital photo, that you got yourself and your bike to the top of Old Glory then you will receive a wild card to add to your primary poker hand.  The Glory trail is an aside from the actual 7 Summits and is about 1 hour round trip for the average rider.  Primarily a hike a bike up, it is perfectly rideable on the way down.  Anyone concerned about their overall ability to finish the trail in good time and with good energy for the post ride festivities should decline the Glory option.


To ensure that no one over-extends themselves out there, we are instituting a cut-off time at Granite Mountain. Anyone not arriving at the food station by 1:30 pm will be requested to descend at the ski hill.  We have also had to cut riders off at the Dewdney.      Please understand, this is a necessary safety measure for exhausted riders as well as something required to ensure that the volunteers also enjoy themselves and we can keep this event alive and well.


The Seven Summits trail terminates at the Cascade Hwy however the Poker Ride includes a descent of the Dewdney trail. If you are feeling fatigued at this point be sure to not get over exuberant on what can be a very high speed downhill.


The ride finishes at the bottom of the Dewdney where there will be a shuttle to take you to the Lion’s Campground.


Poker Rules:


It’s Five Card Draw, you’ll receive 7 cards over the course of the ride which means whoever has the best hand after discarding 2 cards wins.  The two hands are separate and you cannot interchange cards between them.  First card is first hand, Second card is second hand at each station.  The Wild Glory Card is playable only in the first hand.


Post Event Party:


Please join us at the Lion’s Campground for some post ride festivities starting at 2:30.      Poker hands and prizes will commence shortly after the last riders have arrived.  (The post ride party is intended for the riders and volunteers. For partners of participants who haven’t done the ride but would like to join us, please let us know beforehand as there is a limited capacity for unanticipated guests)


We have made every effort to minimize the need to drive after the post event gathering by holding the festivities within walking distance from Rossland.  For everyone’s safety make sure you use common sense and DO NOT drive after the event if you plan on enjoying more than a beer or two.  Plan ahead to have a Designated Driver if you are not staying in Rossland Sunday evening!  Anyone ignoring this will receive a lifetime ban from further Poker Rides.



We are looking forward to seeing you and your poker faces!!